Susan Prior’s Prior Learning Consultancy, Brisbane

Susan Prior is an internationally minded and experienced education consultant skilled in working within diverse communities. Her evidence based research has grown from creative, collaborative, and inclusive gifted education projects.

Susan’s international experiences as an educator have seen her design and deliver personalised and strategic professional development in support of diverse learners.

Twice exceptionality

Her specialty research focus explores contemporary approaches to learning difficulties and intellectual capacities.This has resulted in a profound and revealing exploration of a concept known as “twice exceptionality”.

Twice exceptionality, or 2e, refers to someone who, alongside being considered  gifted, is diagnosed with one or more disabilities.

Asia Pacific Conference on Giftedness July 2016 Macau Preconference workshop

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"A sincere, captivating presenter, Sue Prior offers excellent insights into gifted children supported by thorough research. It is the mark of her impressive and effective professional development that you feel inspired to run with some of her ideas immediately."

Maureen Cooper Senior English teacher The University High School Parkville. Victoria. Australia

"You are such a wonderful person. I enjoyed your workshop at Malaya. You have a dramatic and persuasive touch in your delivery."

Dr Uwaoma Uche National Director of Research Human Rights Writers Association Nigeria